By knowing the different certifications that exist around the world, UL offers support for authorities, consumers, manufacturers and traders of lighting technologies.

Previously, manufacturers outside Mexico were required to send samples to Mexican laboratories in order to obtain local safety certification. Now, importers and manufacturers have a more efficient option when working with UL, a global service provider that can test for a large number of products in several countries around the world, in accordance with Mexico’s legal framework.

UL is a company with more than a century of experience in the development of standards for tests and certifications. The firm offers a wide range of services to help manufacturers, importers, distributors, etc., obtain the certifications and / or assessments necessary to compete in global markets, as it certifies, validates, tests, inspects, audits, manages and training from compliance regulations, product design and performance testing, to the different trade challenges to access international trade.

The subsidiary UL de México is also an accredited certification organization and approved in Official Mexican Standards – NOM for Safety, Energy Efficiency and Performance.

UL  has laboratories, technical expertise and strategic partners around the world. In the same process, it offers combined services that include consultation, testing and certification for different target markets. Likewise, it leads and participates in initiatives that help protect the consumer and the manufacturer from counterfeiting practices.

At present, if one wishes to be competitive internationally, it must be taken into account that, with the continuous advance of LED technology, it is necessary to find an ally that facilitates assimilating the different standards applicable in different countries.

UL counts on laboratories in America, Asia and Europe, where they work as a single evaluation space for hundreds of tests, with the same answers and protocols to reach all their clients worldwide.

In Mexico there is already an agreement with UL to recognize the Official Mexican Standards (NOM), which provides for the acceptance of evaluation results carried out outside Mexico. Get closer to your local dealer for more information and clarification.

Under the agreement, UL may conduct evaluation processes for manufacturers or importers using reports from tests conducted in UL or UL-rated and controlled laboratories around the world, which will reduce time and cost for products to the Mexican market.

UL is a leader in standards development and an active participant in international standards committees. Working with UL will enable you to identify key markets, navigate changes in compliance with standards, and maintain an overview of regulatory and trading related issues around the world.