Mexico, D.F., April 23, 2009 – UL de México, S.A. de C.V., as Mexican product certification organization duly accredited and approved in accordance with the Mexican Official Standards (NOM) and Mexican Standards (NMX), informs the public at large as requested by the Industry and Commerce Assistant Secretariat through the Foreign Trade Head Office1 and the Competitiveness and Normativity Assistant Secretariat through the Norms Head Office (Dirección General de Normas)2 from May 1st, 2009 the issued certificates of compliance in accordance with the Mexican Official Standards (NOM) must include the harmonized tariff code corresponding to the respective product.

Due to the previously stated, from the date of publication of the present Press Release, all product certification services for NOM, which are submitted to UL de México, shall comprise in the applicable certification service request, the tariff corresponding to the product to be certified.

Our Customer Service department shall contact those contact persons who request the certification services and have not yet included the corresponding product tariff code which is to be imported to Mexico.

In case the tariff can not be provided by the applicant to UL de México, the certificate of NOM compliance –will not be issued.

On the contrary UL de México cannot determine or suggest the tariff code corresponding to a specific product, since in agreement with the first paragraph of article 54 of the Customs Law, function of classifying merchandise at the customs check point shall be exclusively conducted by customs agents.

If any of the information and data provided to UL de México by the client or on its behalf is either incomplete or inaccurate, UL de México shall not be liable in any way for the repercussions or deficiencies that may arise in the Service.


1 Official Letter No. 414.2009.00887, dated April 14, 2009.
2 Official Letter No. DGN.312.01.2009.1389, dated April 16, 2009.