Section 1 General Information

The main objective of this document is to be a useful and quick reference tool to provide the information required to apply for any of the services that UL can provide in product certification, which have been approved in accordance with current Mexican law.

UL de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. is an organization focused on activities related to conformity assessment activities in Mexico.

Our services include determining the safety standard applicable to the product, through to the verification process itself. Certificates and / or opinions are issued in the form or certification scheme:

  1. With the product verification through periodic testing.

In this document you will find key points to consider for requesting service points, process diagrams, established delivery times, also important points to consider in the verification process (monitoring), etc.

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Section 2 Scope

This Mexican Official Standard applies to electric AC motors, single phase induction squirrel cage, air cooled, rated output of 0,188 kW to 1,500 kW, single frequency of rotation, 2, 4 or 6 poles or split-phase capacitor start, open or closed.


Electric motors that require auxiliary or additional equipment for cooling are excluded.

Section 3 Compliance Standard

It must comply with this regulation, firms located in Mexico that manufacture, import, sell and / or distribute the product type in the scope of the standard.

Compliance is demonstrated through testing processes and laboratory certification and only companies located in Mexico can obtain a certificate of compliance with the standard.

Section 4 Certification Modalities

Modality Description Validity
I Certification  verification  through  periodic  testing product 1 year*
*  Subject to results of the monitoring process

Section 5 Requirements for certification

Legal documentation (only the first time the service is requested) MODALITY
1 2 Original contract to provide services signed and initialed on all pages (L500). X NA
2 Copy of the Letter of Incorporation of the company X NA
3 Notarial power of attorney if this is not included in the Letter of Incorporation X NA
4 Tax Identification Card (Format RFC) X NA
5 Copy of official identification of legal representative or individual, as well as servicers (when applicable). X NA
6 Brokers power of attorney (when applicable) signed by the legal representative of the company, treats including the name (s) tramitador (s) authorized to sign X NA
Technical documentation
1 Certification application, duly filled. (42-IC-F0853) X NA
2 Original test report conducted by a testing laboratory accredited and approved. X NA
3 Copy of Certificate of Compliance issued previously, if any. X NA
4 Brochures or photographs or printed images of each product to be certified models with a definition which identify. X NA
5 Instructions or Manuals (optional, can come in the package). X NA
6 Statement under oath by which the applicant proves that the product presented is representative of the family that is intended to be certified X NA
7 Electrical wiring diagram for each product model X NA
8 Prototype nameplate for each model to be included in the certification, according to point 10 of the Standard (Dial). X NA

UL of Mexico we can answer any questions about the certification process, in addition to providing the requirements applicable to your product.

Section 6 Sampling

For the certification process, the motors are grouped by family, according to the power and rated voltage, as shown in Table 1 (below). To grant certification must be to test one sample per family, composed as specified in the same table.

The family grouping was made based on Table 2 of the corresponding NOM, in which the efficiency values of single-phase induction electric motors squirrel cage established.

Table 1


(1) If required to certify a family and do not have the number of engines required by Table 1 for each number of poles, or fails to complete that amount for a certain number of  poles,  the  sample  must  be  integrated  or  complement  engines  entirely  with  the number of poles that have available.
(2) If a motor is marked two or more voltages, this must be proved to the lower voltage.

For  further  references  can  be  directly  Procedure  Conformity  Assessment  here.

Section 7 General Certification Process

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