Mexican Official Standard NOM-015-ENER-2012, Energy Efficiency for Household Refrigerators and Freezers. Specifications and Test Methods.

This Mexican Official Standard establishes the maximum limits of energy consumption for Household Refrigerators and Freezers operated by hermetically sealed compressors. It also establishes the test methods which must be used to determine the energy consumption, calculate the total refrigerated volume and specify the energy consumption label and its content.


This Mexican Official Standard applies to all Household Refrigerators, Refrigerator-Freezers of up to 1104 dm3 (39 ft3) and Household Freezers of up to 850 dm3 (30 ft3) operated by hermetically sealed compressors, traded and installed in the national territory.


  • Commercial Refrigerators
  • Industrial Refrigerators
  • Household Refrigerator-Freezers larger than 1104 dm3 (39 ft3)
  • Household Freezers larger than 850 dm3 (30 ft3)

Compliance with the standard

Companies based in Mexico that manufacture, import, sell and/or distribute the product type in the scope of the standard must comply with this regulation.

Compliance is verified through testing processes and certification and only companies based in Mexico may obtain a certificate of compliance with the standard.

Certification Schemes

Scheme Description Validity
I Certification through surveillance through periodic testing to the product. 1 year
II Certification with verification through the quality management system of the production line. 3 years
Subject to results of the surveillance process