This Mexican Official Standard establishes the luminous efficacy specifications for luminaires with light emitting diodes (LEDs), intended for roadways and outdoor public areas, as well as test methods to verify these specifications. Also establishes the type of information of essential technical characteristics in accordance with the intended use, which shall have the products object of this Mexican Official Standard that are traded within the Mexican United States territory and in the same way, it serves the need that such products promote the efficient use and energy saving.


his Mexican Official Standard applies to luminaires with light emitting diodes (LEDs) lighting components, which are traded and installed in the national territory for roadways and public outdoor areas lighting..

Excepciones: This Mexican Official Standard does not apply to products established in another Mexican Official Standard in the fields of energy efficacy, as well as luminaires whose light source is exclusively screw base lamps with light emitting diodes and luminaires with equal or less than 48 volt operation voltage.

Luminaires for outdoor areas lighting that have one or more of the following features: decorative, ornamental, changing light colors, monochromatic light (green, red, yellow, blue, etc.), recessed on floor, intended to be used under water, and for signaling.

Compliance with the standard

Must comply with this regulation, companies based in Mexico that manufacture, import, sell and/or distribute the product type in the scope of the standard.

Compliance is demonstrated through testing processes and certification and only companies based in Mexico can obtain a certificate of compliance with the standard.

Certification Schemes

Scheme Description Validity*
I Certification through surveillance through periodic testing to the product. 1 year
II Certification with verification through the quality management system of the production line. 3 years
*Subject to results of the surveillance process.

Requirements for Certification Services

Legal documentation (only the first time the service is requested) MODALITY
1 2 Original contract to provide services signed and initialed on all pages (L500). X X
2 Copy of the company’s articles of incorporation and bylaws (or equivalent legal documents), their amendments and translation in Spanish (if applicable) X X
3 Legal representative (legal person) power of attorney letter, if not mentioned in the articles of incorporation X X
4 Tax Identification Card (Format RFC) X X
5 Copy of official identification of legal representative or individual, as well as servicers (when applicable). X X
6 Empowerment letter for agents or intermediaries (if applicable) signed by the legal representative, stating agent(s) name and address and specifying that the company and / or individuals are authorized to sign in the company’s name X X
Technical documentation
1 Certification application, duly filled. (42-IC-F0853) X X
2 Test Report issued by an accredited and approved laboratory (1 000 h) X X
3 Specification Label for each model X X
4 Package marking for each model X X
5 Electric Schematic for each model X X
6 Pictures for each model X X
7 Instructions (can be indicated at the packing) X X
8 Data sheet for each model including:

  • Controller description
  • Material: enclosure, reflector and diffuser of the luminaire.
  • Luminaire Application.
9 Product warranty minimum of 5 years in accordance with the terms of  NOM-024-SCFI-2013 for linear fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium and halogen lamps X X
10 Statement under protest to say truth by means of which the applicant will manifest that the product that was submitted for testing is representative of the family that is intended to certify. X X
11 Certification report of the production line of the quality management systems. NA X

At UL of Mexico we can answer any questions about the certification process, in addition to providing the applicable requirements to your product.

Family Grouping


The luminaires with leds  are classified and  grouped by  family, in accordance with the following criteria.

a) With integrated controller to the leds module

b) With detachable controller to the leds module

c) With remote controller (outside of the luminaire)

d) Same material of the luminaire enclosure

e) For roadways application

f) For outdoor areas application

g) With asymmetric distribution curve

h) With symmetrical distribution curve

i) Same useful life declared by the manufacturer or importer.

For more information you can access to the standard at the following link (Spanish Version):

Certification Process

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