In order to acquire a NOM Certificate, first identify required technical and legal documentation that apply to the type of product and scheme.

Verify it is the latest version of the form being submitted. The downloadable documents found on this site are current. Once the application is received and detected flaws are corrected, response time is seven business days for new products and 20 business days for reconstructed, reconditioned, used, second-hand, second-line, discontinued, and non-compliant articles.

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NOM Certificates can only be granted to importers, manufacturers, and sellers from Mexico or from countries with which the Mexican government has signed an agreement or free trade treaty. Submit two original copies of a service agreement for first-time procedures signed on every page and corresponding sections.

Handling companies, intermediaries, or agencies need copies of service agreements signed and initialed on each page by the legal representative of the manufacturer or importer (certificate owner) as well as the respective power of attorney documentation signed by the legal representative or certificate owner’s authorized representative. Power of attorney documentation must include the intermediary or agent name and address specifying the company or individuals authorized to sign the documentation required by the corresponding services. All communications regarding the services will be performed by the authorized individuals mentioned in the power of attorney documentation.

Submit product dictum or current test reports with the understanding the following information is considered current:

  • Ninety calendar days from issuing date
  • Six months from lab test issuing date for Scheme V. Additionally, reports must have the following heading: “Dictamen de laboratorio para certificación NOM simplificada para franja y región fronterizas” (Laboratory Test Report for Simplified NOM Certification for Border Strips and Regions).

Test reports will only be validated if issued by a laboratory subcontracted and/or validated by UL de México, S.A. de C.V. This information is also available at our offices. If test results are generated by a mutual recognition agreement (MRA), one of the following must be submitted:

  • Original test results and validation letter issued by a laboratory with which UL de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. has a signed agreement.
  • Validated test results generated by a subcontracted laboratory based on the original test results but elaborated on their own result validation form.

Save a copy of the documentation being submitted during the certification process in case UL personnel requests it at a later time. UL will assign a reference number to each application that the client can use with our customer service department to follow up on the procedure.

Application receipts do not guarantee that corresponding certificates or a dictum will be issued as they depend on compliance evaluation analysis. A corresponding notification will be issued if deficiencies or non-compliances are detected during analysis and evaluation processes. Such deficiencies or non-compliances must be corrected before the certification process is resumed.

If assessment results are satisfactory, UL will issue the corresponding product certificate or compliance dictum, which will be subject to surveillance (follow-up) if needed. Certificate expiration is dependant on the type of application Scheme (for more detail, please refer to the Certification Schemes section).

Additionally, please keep in mind that the information on the application, whether signed by a legal representative, agent, or intermediary authorized by general power of attorney, is provided under oath. Once the compliance certificate is issued, the product must display compliance marks according to Mark Usage Manual.