The fastest way to learn whether a product has been certified by UL is looking for the corresponding Mark on the product itself. UL-MX NOM Marks are only granted when a product complies with applicable NOM requirements, the scheme/modality under which it has been evaluated, and current Mexican legislations related to conformity assessment. Certificates of compliance are UL’s property and intended to represent said compliance being granted to the distributor or manufacturer responsible for the certified product.

UL-MX NOM Marks shall only be used in products that are certified by UL under the terms of the NOM Certification Program indicated in the corresponding service agreement and Mark usage Manual, available through your local contact.

The product certificate of compliance indicates the applicable UL-MX NOM Mark that has to be shown on each product approved by the corresponding certificate according to the instructions found in the Mark Usage Manual, which will be received upon first obtaining the certificate.

UL considers the following circumstances a case of Mark misuse:

  • Marks used on the product itself or in advertisement pieces if:
  • The certification or dictum process is still pending.
  • The product being certified has gone through changes or modifications on which UL has not issued a position or the changes have not been evaluated or notified.
  • The certification or dictum used as the basis of a secondary certification has been cancelled.
  • Marks used in product advertisement pieces that only apply to some certified products, thus making consumers believe that all products shown have been certified.
  • Marks used in products that have never been certified.
  • Marks assigned or transferred to third parties without UL’s written consent in advance.
  • Marks used in products after the expiration of the respective standard under which a certificate or dictum has been granted, or when a standard expires and a current certification approved in writing by UL does not exist.
  • When UL and its branches, subsidiaries, Certification Marks, reports, certificates, and other documents are misrepresented with the purpose of confusing the public (consumer fraud.)
  • Any other severe cases, at UL’s discretion, will result in certificate cancellation and service agreement termination.

UL Certification Marks to NOM certification program are also protected by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI – Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial) according to which the misuse of Marks will be considered enough basis for claims on intended disrespect or loss of integrity of UL Marks. In such cases, UL will take necessary actions including legal remedies and issue statements and warnings to trade magazines and general publications to inform the public.

We appreciate your efforts to correctly apply and use UL Certification Marks.