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  Highly specialized equipment dictum (eae) Ownership extension Changes to scope Sample validation letter Product dictum Product dictum for scheme iii
Original and copy of filled out and signed application form. 42-IC-F0456 42-IC-F0457 Free-form written 42-IC-F0458 and 42-IC-F0456 42-IC-F0456 42-IC-F0456
2 original copies of a service agreement signed by all parties. L500 NOM L500 NOM L500 NOM L500 NOM L500 NOM L500 NOM
Copy of the company’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (or equivalent legal documents), their amendments and translation in Spanish (if applicable). X X X X X X
Legal representative (legal person) power of Attorney letter if not mentioned in the Articles of Incorporation Individuals: ITIN card and clearance. X X X X X X
Copy of an official identification card of legal representative and agents / intermediaries. X X X X X X
Power of Attorney letter for agents / intermediaries (if applicable) signed by the legal representative, stating agent(s) name and address and specifying that the company and/or individuals are authorized to sign in the company’s name X X X X X X
Operation / services instructions and / or manuals. X X* X X
Pictures of all products with a definition that allows products to be identified. X X* X X
Installation specifications. X X* X X
Technical Specifications Sheet. X X* X X
Photocopy of specifications or specification sheets and physical sample / picture if an adapter or external power supply is used. X* X X
Product marking information (according to current applicable standard) (For non-certified products, prototype label must be shown, including the area where certification marks will be placed). X* X X
Electrical and mechanical diagrams for all models. X* X X
Letter requesting a certificate extension in the name of one or more importers, distributors, or sellers. X
Written statement issued by the importers, distributors, or sellers who will receive the ownership extension in which accepts to joint use responsibility granted by the owner of the certificate. X
Letter of owner’s certificate stating the following:

– Acceptance to joint use responsibility granted by requested certificate, and

– UL de México, S.A. de C.V. will timely be informed of any irregularity concerning the use of certificates or changes to the relationship with companies to which ownership was granted.

Test report by a laboratory subcontracted and / or validated by UL de México laboratory list. 42-IC-F0448* 42-IC-F0448 42-IC-F0448 42-IC-F0448
Preliminary inspection questionnaire. 42-IC-F0409
Copy of current Quality System Certificate including scope (issued by an accredited systems authority). X
Written statement issued by the manufacturer stating that samples selected for test dictum are representative of products in the current production line. X

* – Applicable only if models are to be added.

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