Electronic Devices – Household Electronic Appliances powered by different Electricity Sources – Safety Requirements and Testing Methods for Type Approval.

  • The same brand.
  • The same voltage, frequency and elements making up the power supply.
  • Radio receivers with the same operating frequency range and the same type of carrier frequency modulation.
  • Audio/video players and/or recorders with or without a remote control, which play and/or record on analog and/or digital tapes, with the same electrical and mechanical accessories and elements.
  • Antenna signal amplifiers with the same frequency range and the same operating power.
  • Microwave ovens with the same volumetric capacity, digital and/or analog controllers, and the same power input.
  • Products shall have the same power or current input, or a tolerance of 20% between higher- and lower-consumption models, as long as they continue complying with heating, electric shock, stability, and mechanical life tests.
  • For purposes of certification by the Certification Body (CB), consider a maximum of 8 (eight) products per family in each request.
  • As for television sets, they shall have the same type of construction or manufacturing technology (LCD, PLASMA, LED, OLED or new technologies), different display size, as long as the construction or manufacturing technology is the same for all products.