Productos eléctricos – Especificaciones de seguridad (Electrical Goods – Safety Specifications).

  1. Regulatory Appendix B to Standard NOM-003-SCFI-2014.
  2. General criterion for Electric Toys covered by Standard NOM-003-SCFI-2014. By complying with Standard NMX-J-175/1-ANCE-2005, the following criteria shall be met:
  • The same type of toy (the same main function).
  • The same type of power supply (battery, transformer or dual power supply).
  • The same rated supply voltage.
  • The same electric circuit components concerning operating principle and design.
  • For transformer or double-supply toys, rated power may vary 20%, using the highest power model as a base, and applying the lower limit.

The representative family sample should be the one with the highest power assigned and/or the one incorporating the greatest number of functions, obtaining the most unfavorable results.

  1. For family grouping of Electrical Appliances, through the compliance with Standards NMX-J-520-ANCE-2012, NMX-J-575-ANCE-2006, and NMX-J-577/1-ANCE-2006, the following should be met:
  • The same type of switch (circuit breaker operated by differential current for domestic installations, mechanical switch for electrical appliances, electronic switch for electrical appliances, or ground-fault circuit interrupter).
  • Internal, external or electrical circuit components may be similar or equal, but they should have the same operating principle.
  1. It is possible to include LEDs as model variants of the same family as long as appliances otherwise meet the criteria set forth.
  2. Changes in external and internal materials are allowed during family grouping, as long as they comply with the corresponding Norma Mexicana (NMX, Mexican Standard in English). For this purpose, you should test a representative sample of each type of material that you want to certify or extend (type of material is defined as: thermoset, thermoplastic and ceramic; for this classification, it refers to the type of material it supports and is in contact with living parts).
  3. In the light fixture family for special applications, light fixtures below, both for indoor and outdoor use, should not be taken into account:
  • Light fixtures intended for use in places where special conditions prevail, such as the presence of explosive atmospheres (dusts, fumes, or gases).
  • Light fixtures designed to be installed in ships, aircrafts and vehicles in general.
  • Underwater light fixtures.
  • Light fixtures designed to be installed in dangerous areas, as defined in the Norma Mexicana relating to electrical installations;
  • Light fixtures for special applications, such as inspection lights, airport lights, photography lights, household appliances having integrated lighting.
  1. For the certification process of appliances and systems intended for charging electric vehicles, they are classified and grouped as per family in accordance with the following:

– The same type of protective system:

  • Grounded system
  • Isolated circuits
  1. As for audible-signaling devices, comply with the following for family grouping:

– The same type of assembly:

  • Fixed alarm bell
  • Portable alarm bell
  • Insert type

– For rated voltage (if several voltages or voltage ranges are included, the highest voltage is taken into account):

  • Up to 130V.
  • Higher than 130V and up to 250 V.

– The same nature of power supply.

– The same electrical and/or electronic diagram

– As per Ingress Protection (IP) rating.

– Rating lower than or equal to IP2X.

– Rate IP3X or better

For certification, you should test the most representative type sample with the highest voltage and highest current rating, or its equivalent in power and highest IP rating of each family.