Seguridad de equipo de procesamiento de datos (Data-Processing Equipment Safety).

  • The same brand.
  • The same voltage, frequency and elements making up the power supply.
  • Printers with the same type of operation (laser, dot matrix, inkjet, etc.) and the same system and operating capacity, similar in the type of signal input and, if applicable, with the same type of accessories.
  • External disk drives with the same format.
  • External tape drives with the same format.
  • Optical readers with the same capacity and electrical and/or electronic components.
  • You may be allowed to replace plastic parts with metal parts that may be in contact with the user, provided that you comply with the degrees of protection against electric shock and heating.

– Insulating, thermal and electrical materials shall be of the same type and operating capacity.

  • Products may have the same current input, or a tolerance of 20% between higher- and lower-consumption models, as long as they continue complying with heating, electric shock, stability, and mechanical life tests.
  • For purposes of certification by the CB, consider maximum 14 (fourteen) products per family in each request.
  • As for monitors and integrated display computers, they shall have the same type of construction or manufacturing technology (LCD, PLASMA, LED, OLED or new technologies), different display size, as long as the construction or manufacturing technology is the same for all products.