Eficiencia energética y requisitos de seguridad al usuario para aparatos de refrigeración comercial autocontenidos. Limites, método de pruebas y etiquetado (Energy efficiency and User Safety Requirements for Self-Contained Commercial Refrigeration Appliances. Limits, Testing Methods, and Labeling).

This Norma Oficial Mexicana (‘NOM,’ Official Mexican Standard in English) sets forth maximum power consumption limits per liter of useful refrigerated volume and testing method to verify compliance, user safety requirements and testing methods to determine compliance, as well as labeling and marking requirements, for all Self-Contained Commercial Refrigeration Appliances included in the scope of this NOM, marketed in Mexico.

This NOM applies to new, used and rebuilt Class I Electrically-Driven Self-Contained Commercial Refrigeration Appliances.


The following appliances are excluded from the scope of this NOM:

  • Beverage Coolers with dispenser: beer, water, wine, etc.
  • Remote Equipment
  • Cooler without air door or curtain
  • Wine Coolers
  • Combined or Two-in-One Cooler/Freezers
  • Cooling or Freezing Rooms or Chambers