Productos eléctricos – Balastros para lámparas de descarga eléctrica en gas – Especificaciones de seguridad (Electrical Products – Gas Electrical Discharge Lamp Ballasts – Safety Specifications).

Control gears are grouped in families according to lamp type or light source for which they have been designed.

  1. Control gears for fluorescent lamps
  2. Control gears for high-intensity discharge lamps
  3. Control gears for induction lamps (fluorescent induction lamps or electrodeless fluorescent lamps).
  4. Control gears for LED modules.

Any model that belongs to a family should be tested, according to variation in:

  1. Supply voltage.
  2. Circuit
  3. Manufacture materials.

Control gear models shall be tested in the condition of higher power and/or current consumption. So, all control gears that are different from each other because of the above characteristics should be sent to laboratory tests.

Those control gears that can operate at various supply voltages will be tested at the supply voltage indicated in their respective testing method standard.